Blood Collection Tubes - Lavender Top - 4 ml - 1,000/case



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BD Vacutainer® EDTA Tubes

The Vacutainer® EDTA Tubes with Hemogard™ Closure are used for whole blood hematology determinations, blood donor screening and immunohematology. Tube inversions help the blood mix with the anticoagulant (EDTA) and prevents clotting.

The Hemogard™ Closure prevents health care workers from coming in contact with blood. The closure features a rubber stopper that is recessed inside the plastic shield. This prevents any blood drops from coming in contact with personnel. The tube is made from plastic, which reduces breakage and specimen spillage. The disposal is easy and complies with EPA guidelines.

Manufacture SKU: 367861
GTIN: 00382903678617

  • Glass or Plastic: Plastic
  • Tube Size: 13x75
  • Draw Volume: 4
  • Closure Type/Color: BD Hemogard™ Closure/lavender
  • Label Type: Paper
  • Additive/Concentration: K2EDTA 7.2 mg
16.00 LBS