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Evidence Management for Law Enforcement, LLC, is committed to advance the knowledge and expertise for all law enforcement personnel on the issues involved in the handling, storage, maintenance and disposition of evidence. Training courses offered are Basic Evidence Management, Evidence Management for Supervisors, Developing a Procedures Manual, Evidence Unit Audits, and more!

Joyce Riba is the owner and lead trainer for Evidence Management for Law Enforcement. Her law enforcement career spanned more than 30 years with FPD in Fresno, Calif., with assignments including Patrol Field Commander, Investigations, and a variety of Special Units.

During five years of her tenure with FPD, Lt. Riba had primary responsibility for its Property and Evidence Control Unit, which she completely reorganized and increased staffing from three to 12 full-time positions. Lt. Riba now shares her experiences and expertise with Evidence Unit personnel to help educate and assist in the professional field of Evidence Management.





FEDS, LLC is a forensic consulting company near Boston, Massachusetts. FEDS, LLC provides training to law enforcement on proper crime scene protocols and fingerprint recognition and comparison; offering advice in modeling or remodeling crime labs to better suit the needs of a growing forensic discipline; and delivering forensic consultation on cases involving evidence including those associated with the innocence project and agencies that require expert analysis regarding crime scene/ evidence handling and fingerprint examination. 

Shawn Dolan is the founder/owner of FEDS, LLC and has been conducting forensic work for nearly 25 years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master's Degree in Forensic Science. Shawn has processed crime scenes and evidence for police departments and medical examiner’s offices throughout the United States. Currently, she provides forensic training to police officers and forensic consultation to attorneys through FEDS, LLC. As an I.A.I. Certified Latent Print Examiner, she also contracts with local agencies to provide fingerprint comparison and verification services and expert witness testimony.