Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) Tox Collection Kit - Blood/Urine - 10/Case



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Drug-facilitated sexual assault is when a perpetrator deliberately uses any type of alcohol and/or other drugs in order to compromise someone’s ability to consent because they are intoxicated or incapacitated. If someone is incapacitated, they are not able to give affirmative consent, no matter the circumstance.

This kit is used for the collection of blood and/or urine samples from a victim of sexual assault who may have ingested a substance, possibly causing an impairment or incapacitation related to that sexual assault.


  • Pre-sealed Kit Box, 6" L x 4.75" W x 2.5" H with biohazard label affixed
  • 1) Protective Blood Tube/Urine Bottle Transport Insert
  • 1) Instruction Sheet/FDA Insert
  • 1) 100ml Urine Collection Bottle containing 1g of sodium fluoride
  • 2) 10 ml. Blood Collection Tubes (gray-stopper) containing 100 mg. of sodium fluoride and 20 mg. of potassium oxalate
  • 1) Ziplock Bag containing Liquid Absorbing Sheet
  • 1) Tourniquet
  • 1) 21G x 1.25" Multi-sample Needle
  • 1) Needle/Blood Tube Holder
  • 1) Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad
  • 1) Specimen Biohazard Bag containing a liquid absorbing sheet
  • 2) Specimen Security Seals
  • 3) Evidence Security Seals
  • 1) Kit Box Shipping Seal

Sold in cases of 10 kits.