EasiCollect + (Plus) Buccal Sample Collection Device - 50/pk

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EasiCollect + (Plus) enables simple, reliable buccal sample collection and buccal DNA protection for DNA reference and other samples.

  • Increased consistency:Iupdated EasiCollect design provides uniform buccal sample collection and transfer to FTA paper.
  • Easy sample visualization: includes an Indicating FTA Card that changes color from pink to white upon sample addition.
  • Simple implementation: allows for direct STR amplification.
  • Flexible processing: compatible with Hamilton Robotics’ easyPunch™ automation and GE Healthcare's UniCore Punch for manual processing.
  • Buccal DNA protection: enables long-term archiving of DNA reference samples at room temperature with over 20 years of blood and 12 years of buccal real-time data support.
  • EasiCollect + and FTA facilitate analysis and sample storage FTA chemistry lyses cells on contact, denatures proteins, and protects DNA from degradation. DNA remains tightly bound to the FTA Card while proteins and inhibitors are washed away. Once dried, the FTA Card can be removed from the EasiCollect + device and archived. The slim design of the card enables high-capacity storage.
  • Compatible semi- and fully automated punching systems The EasiCollect + device includes a removable Indicating FTA Card with a cleaning punch area. Indicating FTA cards are compatible with the fully automated Hamilton easyPunch and other semi-automated punching systems, removing the bottleneck of manual FTA punching.
  • Separate device or custom buccal sample collection kit For maximum flexibility, the EasiCollect + device can be purchased separately or included in a custom collection kit as part of our EasiKit service

    50 devices per box.
3.00 LBS