Sexual Assault Suspect Evidence Collection Kit

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Systematically collect and preserve vital evidence with this suspect kit. The step-by-step organization simplifies the collection procedure, prevents errors, and ensures that integrity and quality are maintained throughout the evidence-gathering process. This kit provides the means to determine culpability and innocence by linking the perpetrator and victim physiologically. All necessary components for a complete and thorough processing of the suspect are included.


  • 1) FDA Manufacturer’s Insert
  • 1) Integrity Seal
  • 1) Biohazard Label
  • 1) Kit Envelope, Factory-Sealed
  • 1) Instruction Sheet
  • 2) Outer Clothing Collection Bags
  • 1) Underpants Bag
  • 1) Foreign Material Collection Envelope w/Sterile Swabs & Scraper
  • 1) Pubic Hair Combings Envelope with Towel & Comb
  • 1) Pulled Pubic Hairs Envelope
  • 1) Pulled Head Hairs Envelope
  • 1) Known Saliva Sample Envelope w/Specimen Disc
  • 1) Known Blood Sample Bag Packet w/6ml ACD & 7ml EDTA Blood Tube
  • 1) Anatomical Drawings
0.50 LBS