SwabTek Heroin Test Kit - 25/box

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The SwabTek Heroin Test Kit is a single-use spot-test designed for use in screening for heroin and a number of major opiates in any sample, or on any surface. The test is capable of identifying the presumed presence of opiates in very small quantities, with a level of detection as little as 400 μg in mass.

SwabTek Test Kits are an alternative to traditional presumptive field tests, combining dry reagent technology with an intuitive form factor to deliver a test that is simpler and safer to use than any on the market. SwabTek Test Kits rely on swab-based sample collection, allowing the user to screen for threats on any surface, and in liquid and solid samples. The tests do not contain any hazardous chemicals or glass components and are 100% recyclable. Thanks to these safety improvements, SwabTek is the first law-enforcement grade presumptive field test available to the general public. They are simple, discreet and non-invasive, making them the perfect tool for police officers, schools, and airports.

• Heroin Free Base
• Black Tar
• Afghan Brown
• Mexican Brown
• China White
• China Girl
• Brown Sugar
• Hell Dust
• Speedball

25 tests/box