SureSeal™ 2"/5cm Adhesive Photo Fluorescent Scales

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Our versatile line of inexpensive, adhesive rulers come pre-wound on a roll and provide enough writing space on each scale to make it useful for identifying and referencing. The SureSeal™ Adhesive Photo Scales can be used by forensic practitioners, medical examiners, arson investigators, and much more. Use these anywhere you would use a plastic or magnetic scale. All scales feature a non-glare surface and come with an adhesive backing that is high-tack, but removable, and will not cause surface degradation or leave a residue. Safely apply these to skin, glass, painted surfaces, hair, rugs, plastics, and much more. Our SureSeal™ Adhesive Photo Scale labels are packaged in a clear, plastic, protective dispenser case. The clear case not only protects the scales from bending and dust but also easily dispenses scales with a simple pull. No longer are scales scattered in a drawer, the roll and box will contain labels securely.

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