Specialist DNA Free Sterile Fiber Brush

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Our fiberglass Specialist DNA free fiber latent print brush is designed for crime scene investigators concerned with DNA cross contamination. Hand made with the same fibers as our standard brush and a fully biodegradable compost friendly handle. Each brush is individually packaged and hermetically sealed, then sterilized by GAMMA radiation to ensure the product is DNA free. Use this brush in lifting latent fingerprints from crime scenes to help preserve the integrity of the investigation and aid in the efficient pursuit of justice. All items are packaged to prevent contamination before use, and are meant to be used only once. These DNA free items provide the investigator with the tools to eliminate DNA cross contamination, but still process the scene with the tools that they require. Use the Specialist DNA Free Sterile Fiber Brush with our Specialist DNA Free Sterile Powder single-use pouches.


  • Advances collection methods for processing of touch DNA
  • Prevention of cross contamination
  • Properly sterilized to be free of DNA
  • Each batch is lot controlled
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