Power-Pad Fingerprint Developer

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Quick and Easy Application The Power-Pad Latent Fingerprint Developer is a 8.6' roll of cotton. Its custom design and thick surface allows the investigating officer to dust large area for latent prints in seconds rather then hours. Why buy a mitt when you can buy a roll! Custom Fit Design This 12” x 8.6’ roll allows you to custom cut your Power-Pad. Use a smaller pad to dust more refined areas. If you need to dust larger areas - use a larger pad! Also - the Power-Pad is a single use applicator that prevents cross contamination from scene to scene.


With the Power-Pad, investigators can dust the entire exterior of a car in under 60 seconds with less than 1 oz of powder. Compare this to traditional brush methods that can take up to 2 hours. This time saving method is the most cost effective way to recover latent prints over large surface areas.


The Power-Pad multi-layered soft and subtle surface design will not damage the ridge detail of latent prints. Team the Power-Pad with our signature Latent Fingerprint Powder and discover what you’ve been missing - in less time!

Measure 12" x 8.6'

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