Nylon Heat Seal Fire and Explosion Evidence Collection Bags

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Nylon has long been the preferred material for collection and storage of evidence which may contain solvents found in accelerants. Unlike plastic bags, solvents will not break down the nylon material of our Nylon Fire and Explosion Evidence Collection Bags, preventing the loss of flammables and hydrocarbons. These evidence bags virtually eliminate the potential for cross-contamination from propellant fumes. Safeguard arson evidence during lengthy storage periods. These bags can be closed in the field using cable ties or permanently sealed back in the laboratory using a heat sealer. The clear material allows the evidence to be seen without opening the bag and can be easily marked using standard marking pens or our Arson/Fire Debris Evidence Labels. For long term”stack-able” storage, our bags can be placed in metal evidence containers or cardboard boxes. More compact molecular structure Melting point (256 °C/492.8 °F) Excellent abrasion resistance Highly resilient Good specific strength Prevents leeching of accelerants

These nylon bags are clear/transparent.

1.6mil thick

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