DWS Downflow Fingerprint Powder Stations

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An economically priced, bench mounted workstation with unrestricted access for processing evidence. The downflow action takes fumes and particulates away from the operator, forces the contaminated air through an 18 lb. main carbon filter, and exhausts clean air. Stainless steel work surface is easily removable for cleaning. All integral light provides good illumination of the work area.

POWDER STATION AIRFLOW PATTERN: DWS Powder Stations maintain a constant face velocity of 80 FPM at the work surface in compliance with USA and international standards for safety and performance. Contaminated air is pulled through the Multiplex filtration system where activated carbon adsorbs chemical vapors and/or particulates if HEPA/ULPA filters are used. Clean air is returned to the room. The main filter is easy to replace, no tools required. The filter clamps tightly against the filter gasket to prevent filter bypass and maintain filter integrity.


  • 145 CFM Airflow
  • 18 Watt Light Low Air Flow Monitor
  • UV Lighting Available
  • Removable Polypropylene Spill Tray
  • Centrifugal Fan
  • Epoxy Coated Steel Construction
  • HEPA Main Filter is sold separately

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