Bluestar Medium Kit

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The Bluestar Medium Kit provides the Criminal Investigation Technician with a complete tool to reveal the presence of invisible blood traces at a crime scene. This kit contains 2 applications.

Just add the tablets, swirl and spray.


  • 2 x 2 oxidizer tablets
  • 2 bottles of 250 ml
  • (8oz) chemiluminescent solution
  • 1 adjustable spray head
  • 1 instructions for use


  • 1. Dissolve the 2 oxidizer tablets in a bottle of chemiluminescent solution
  • 2. Screw on and adjust the sprayer head
  • 3. Spray on the surface to be treated.


  • Store in a dark place in a dry place between 4°C and 30°C (39°F to 86°F)