Adhesive Certified Scale Note Pads

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These disposable paper rulers use centimeters/millimeters to document case photos. Each contains ample space for recording case number, date, and sequence. Perfect for documentation used in photos of wounds, latent prints, bullet holes and much more. Features a removable adhesive on the scale side that lays flat for convenient documentation and can easily be removed without damaging evidence. To ensure the accuracy of our forensic scales, we inspect, measure and verify them using calibrated rulers during each lot run. These calibrated rulers and calibrated annually by an outside accredited vendor. This verification follows standards set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Documentation and calibration certificates available by request. THE STANDARD Calibration must demonstrate and provide documentation of competence, capability, and traceability. Competence is verified by selecting an ISO/IEC 17025–accredited calibration laboratory. Capability can be determined by reviewing the calibration provider’s scope of accreditation, and, in lieu of accreditation, a competent vendor may also be one that provides certificates of traceability to a national standard such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 5 or 15 cm/mm Gray, Black or White 50/pad

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