Sexual Assault Victim Evidence Collection Kit

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Collecting physical evidence of sexual assault crimes improves prosecution rates for offenders by preserving key forensic evidence. Arrowhead Forensics provides Forensic Nurses & LE professionals with the specialized supplies needed for the collection and documentation of critical forensic assault evidence. This step-by-step kit and instructions are for the collection of sexual assault evidence from the victim. Components needed for each step are provided in separate, numbered envelopes and packaged within a mailer box. Custom kit options are available to meet agency protocols.


  • Pre Sealed Kit Box
  • 1) FDA Manufacturer’s Insert
  • 2) Integrity Police Seals
  • 1) Biohazard Label, 1" x 1"
  • 1) Kit Instruction Sheet
  • 1) Underwear Bag w/ Label
  • 1) Misc. Collection Envelope w/Paper Bindle, Swabs, Swab Boxes & Nail Scraper
  • 1) Oral Swabs Envelope w/ Sterile Swabs & Swab Boxes
  • 1) Anal Swabs Envelope w/ Sterile Swabs & Swab Boxes
  • 1) Vaginal Swabs Envelope w/ Sterile Swabs & Swab Boxes
  • 1) Known Saliva Sample Envelope w/Sterile Swab and Swab Box
  • 1) Known Blood Sample Envelope w/ Lancet and FTA Card
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