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Arrowhead Forensics is pleased to introduce the FSIS-2! Upgrades to the new model includes:

  • Resolution upgrade from 16MP to 20MP from FSIS to FSIS-2
  • Each system includes the all-new (2021) Macbook Air
  • Windows 10 now included with each new FSIS-2 System
  • Speed improvements in Fast Scan at up to 10X when scanning for evidence
  • Real-time evidence viewing, similar to the Frames Per Second in live Television
  • Upgrade to the clarity in the image when utilizing the “Gain” function in the software
  • Huge improvement in speeds using the Integration “Paint by Light” curved surface photography tool
  • Buy with confidence with an included 2-year warranty with each system

The Full Spectrum Imaging System-2 Mobile (FSIS-2 Mobile) is the most advanced forensic image capturing system in the world. The FSIS-2 features a patented 20MP digital camera with 50mm UV lens. With over 20 megapixels of resolution and sensitivity from 254nm to 1100nm, the FSIS-2 can easily capture a full handprint at 1000 ppi (pixels per inch), and micro evidence up to 3,500 ppi. No more looking for a latent fingerprint with a handheld RUVIS and then blindly photographing the evidence in order to get a high resolution image. No more green, grainy, low resolution images with a capture area limited to 1’’x 1’’ by the old RUVIS technology. The FSIS-2 will digitally capture a high resolution image and display it in real time, allow the user to adjust settings real time, then capture the image in full color! The system begins with the patented camera and continues with the computer, high-retina Macbook Laptop display running on Windows 10. The system’s patented curved surface software is revolutionary. Using the Integration feature, evidence can be captured even on round or curved surfaces, such as a cartridge casing, trigger of a gun, or handle of a knife. With a state of the art computer, a high sensitivity solid state camera, and software written specifically for capturing various types of evidence, the FSIS-2 provides consistent sensitivity and sharpness in the UV, visible and IR spectrums. Although the key feature is viewing and capturing untreated latent prints at a very high resolution, the FSIS-2 isn’t just for fingerprints. The large field of view (5" x 4"), high resolution (up to 3,500 ppi), and full spectrum capability (254nm - 1100nm) provide an extraordinary system to view and capture COLOR images of altered documents, urine, semen, saliva, blood, GSR, footwear, fumed prints, dye-stained prints and more. The FSIS-2 is an amazing instrument that will maximize the efficiency and results of all criminalists who use it. The FSIS-2 Mobile System is designed specifically for the field. The approximate Mobile footprint is 24" x 36" x 24". A built in copy stand to the Pelican case and a high-retina Macbook display allow for clear, fast evidence scanning. Handsfree image capture is easy using the integrated foot pedal and a mobile UV light. The FSIS-2 will increase throughput by minimizing the time needed to get quality color images of evidence. There is absolutely no limit to the various types of evidence that can be processed using the FSIS-2 Put it to the test and request a demo today! Price includes 2 year manufacturer warranty. *Extended warranty available upon request.

Patent Number 9294689 Camera: Full Spectrum Imaging System (FSIS)
Patent Number 9292726 Software: Photography of 3D, Curved and Textured Surfaces (Integration)


  • Macbook Pro (running Windows 10)
  • 20MP FSIS-2 camera, w/ 20 Megapixel resolution able to image a 5" x5" area with 1000 ppi resolution from 254nm to 1100nm.
  • Able to capture FULL COLOR 24 bit images (48MB file size).
  • Camera is pre-threaded for optional tripod mounting. 
  • Patented Curved Surface Software
  • Integrated Foot Pedal (for hands-free image capture)
  • Built in copy stand to Pelican case 
  • Battery operated UV light
  • 50mm UV Lens with Universal Filter Holder
  • 365nm UV Bandpass Filter
  • 445nm Blue Bandpass Filter
  • 695nm IR Filter
  • 3 Position Filter Slider includes: 254nm UV, 550nm Orange, 830nm IR Filter
  • Shortwave (254nm) UV Light
  • 3 watt, 365nm (UV) LED Flashlight
  • 3 watt, 455nm (Blue) LED Flashlight
  • 3 watt, 525nm (Green) LED Flashlight
  • 3 watt, 625nm (Red) LED Flashlight
  • 3 watt, 850nm (IR) LED Flashlight
  • Chargers for Flashlights (12V, 100-240VAC)
  • UV and Orange Goggles
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty 
  • *Extended Warranty available upon request
  • Specifications subject to change.

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