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Small and battery operated, the RUVIS is easy to take to the crime scene. UV viewing means that the crime scene can be quickly and thoroughly searched for latent fingerprints or trace evidence visible only in the ultraviolet spectrum. Our 60mm UV Lens accommodates both close-up and distance viewing. Combined with our Dual Filter Slide Assembly, closeup, distance viewing and photography can be accomplished without ever changing the mechanical configuration of the device. The RUVIS Kit makes your search of the crime scene for latent prints on non-porous surfaces hassle free. Clearly identifiable latent fingerprints seen with the RUVIS can be photographed with an optional digital camera through the RUVIS. Items of evidence discovered with the RUVIS, but requiring greater resolution, can be brought to the laboratory and examined with the superior UV imaging of the FSIS Workstation, or chemically treated to allow photographing the latent fingerprint in the visible spectrum. The RUVIS is assembled using a custom designed all UV lens, a custom manufactured image intensifier tube, and 25mm diameter optical filters for unsurpassed performance. It comes complete with a rugged Pelican case, 254nm filter, battery operated 254nm UV lamp, and a manual. SPECIFICATIONS: Image Type:UV, direct view system Spectral Sensitivity: UV to Visible Luminous Gain: 22,000 typ. to 28,000 max Sensitivity: 5 x 10-5 lux full video Input Power: 1 x 10-6 lux usable video Size/Weight: 2 AA alkaline batteries Lens Mount: 9.5"L x 2.1"W x 7"T, 2.6 lbs Includes :1" format, C-Mount w/ back focus adj. 60mm lens, 2 bandpass filters, handle, eyepiece and Pelican carrying case


  • 1) UV Viewer (RUVIS) w/ 60mm UV Lens 1- Class IIIA Laser Pointer (powered by UV Viewer battery)
  • 1- Dual Filter Slide Assembly (Luminol/Visible and UV)
  • 4) NiMH AA batteries and Charger
  • 1) Bipod Rest w/Removable Pistol Grip 1) 58mm Camera Adapter
  • 1) Tripod Copy Stand
  • 1) UV Mini Light Source (5W shortwave, 254nm battery operated)
  • 8) AA Batteries
  • 1) 6W/12W UV AC/DC Shortwave UV Light, 254nm
  • 2) Clear UV Protection Goggles
  • 2) Operator’s Manuals
  • 1) Carrying Case: Waterproof Pelican 1600
    • Dimensions: 24"W x 19"H x 9 "D (61cm x 48cm x 23cm)
    • Weight: 28 lbs 1)
    • Instruction Manual

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