Rofin Polilight® PL500SC

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The Polilight® PL500SC has been specifically designed to assist the forensic scientist. All the quality features of the PL500 are included, plus the PL500SC incorporates a graphic display remote control, an extended 15’ light guide (optional), a redesigned power supply, and a simplified front control panel. The remote control features clearly visible LED graphic display in bright sunlight or dark nights. Coupled with the 16’ light guide it allows the operator to move freely around the scene of crime without having to continuously revert to the front panel on the instrument to change wavelengths, tuning, power output, shutter or to move it. This is a big time saver! Available with:

  • Highly Portable Forensic Light Source
  • Designed specifically for scene of crime work
  • 5 meter (15 feet) light guide option
  • Greater freedom, longer reach
  • State of THE Art Remote Control
  • Full control from up to 5 meters with graphical display
  • New Power Supply
  • Lamp life over 2,000 hours
  • Front Panel Power Switch
  • Easier to turn on with smart shutdown
  • Streamlined Front Panel
  • Reduced number of buttons to match remote control SPECIFICATIONS:
  • Input Power: 85-265 VAC 50-60 Hz. Automatic selection
  • Internal Lamp: 500Watt Xenon Arc Lamp
  • Light output: 5 meter (standard) liquid light guide for UV and Visible
  • 2 meter light guide for IR application IR filter set (>610, >715, >780, >830)
  • Indicators: Band selection, band tuning and band power setting
  • Buttons: One per filter selection, tuning up and tuning down.
  • Turn Off: Automatic if left unattended
  • Control: Hand held remote (all functions) or front panel
  • Computer Control: All functions by Windows based control software
  • Weight: Net 9.5Kg (22lbs), packed 13.6Kg (30lbs)
  • Size Net: 32.5cm x 35 x 15cm (13" x 14" x 5.7")

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