FTA Classic Card - 4 spot - 100/pk

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FTA cards contain chemicals that lyse cells, denature proteins, and protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidative, and UV damage. FTA cards rapidly inactivate organisms, including bloodborne pathogens, and prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. They allow you to capture nucleic acids in one easy step. Simply apply your sample to the FTA card. Cell membranes and organelles are lysed and the released nucleic acids are entrapped in the fibers of the matrix. The nucleic acids remain immobilized and are stabilized for transport, immediate processing, or long-term room temperature storage. Since captured nucleic acids are stabilized, FTA cards facilitate sample collection in remote locations and simplify sample transport. For example, you can collect samples in the field without worrying about immediate refrigeration. Ship your samples back to the laboratory without expensive special handling or dry ice and process at your convenience. There are four sample areas for application of up to 500µl whole blood or 100µl plant homogenate per card. Convenient for protocols that require different locations for testing and archiving samples. Different samples can be processed independently. Non-indicating. Classic Card, 4 spot, Pack of 100

1.50 LBS