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When a firearm, a bullet, and/or a cartridge case are recovered from a crime scene, forensic examiners compare the ballistic fingerprints of the recovered evidence. When the ballistic fingerprint on the test-fired bullet or cartridge case matches the ballistic fingerprint on the recovered bullet or cartridge case, investigators can conclude that the recovered bullet or cartridge case was also fired from the recovered gun. A confirmed link between a specific firearm and a bullet or cartridge case recovered from a crime scene constitutes a valuable lead in the investigation. Such lead may allow the investigators to connect the firearm to a person, who may then become either a suspect or a source of information helpful to the investigation. This comparison microscope is the tool needed to assist in finding that confirmed link. Together with the Moticam Microscope camera and the Motic Trace comparison software, it has never been easier to do comparisons. Simply connect the Moticam to your computer and get immediate live comparison imaging. Don’t just compare images side by side. With this software you can overlay several live images, resize and independently rotate each of them. Match two firing pin marks with ease from live images or recall from a saved set. Check handwriting authenticity in a matter of seconds or determine whether two pieces of fabric belong to the same set. Don’t settle for expensive old technology, go Digital. Motic Trace is a software solution, please check the minimum hardware requirements of your Digital Microscopes or with Moticam cameras.


- Professional Power Forensic Comparison Trinocular Microscope - Image of Both Specimens is shown Side-By-Side for Detailed Analysis - Perfect for Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science - Analyze and Compare Bullets, Bullet Cartridge Casings, Scratch Marks, Wires, Fibers, - Hair, and Paint Fragments - Each side of the unit is a fully functional microscope, with the ability to independently set the magnification and illumination - Two Separate Specimens can be Studied Simultaneously with a Split Screen Viewing - The Comparison Bridge brings Both the Beam Paths together


110 VAC Power Requirement High Quality Metal Construction Precision Made Glass Optics Cordless top and bottom LED illumination


Trinocular Eyepiece included: W10XD, 18mm Objectives: 4XD, 10XD, 40XRD micro, 1X macro 1X – 20.5mm FOV Stage Plate, Specimen Cup, Contrast Plate Cordless, Top & Bottom LED CAMERA SPECS High Resolution 3 MegaPixel Digital Camera System. Capture high resolution digital microscope images, 2048x1536 pixels. Sensor: CMOS Live Resolution: 3.0M pixels Optical Calculation: 1/2” Pixel Size: 3.2 micron Focusable Lens: 16mm WARRANTY INFORMATION 3 years on all microscope equipment. The microscope warranty covers problems arising from normal usage.


1) Comparison Microscope 1) 3 megapixel Microscope Camera 1) Video 0.5X C-Mount Camera Adapter for use with 1/2” CHIP 1) MoticTrace Comparison Software SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows: 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP; 512MB RAM or higher; 64MB display memory Macintosh: OSX; 512MB RAM or higher; 64MB display memory

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