Amido Black - Powder - 25 gm

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Amido black is an effective blood reagent when latent or difficult to see blood stains are present. AB will develop exceptional fine detail as needed in bloody fingerprints and footwear impressions. Amido black reacts with blood proteins to create a deep blue color change. The water based formulation includes a blood fixative in the ready to use application, perfect for crime scene processing. The methanol based formulation will develop sharper detail in the three part application, this technique is more suitable for lab processing. The methanol formula requires evidence to be fixed prior to the application of AB. For crime scene use apply directly to suspected stains. Nonporous surfaces tend to yield the best results with Amido black and require little or no over stain rinsing. An application using a wash bottle (sold separately) is preferred for the completeness of coverage over spray methods. Lab processing requires the evidence to first be treated with a blood fixative. The item(s) should then be submerged in the Methanol based formula cascading the reagent across the suspected stains. Items should then be placed in the rinsing tray and gently flow the rinse across the evidence until the impressions become clear. Once desired clarity is achieved a final rinse is suggested in fresh rinsing solution followed by a distilled water bath. ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS for a-2696: FIELD Working Solution: Requires methanol (A-1709, A-1733) and glacial acetic acid (A-1729, A-1730) First Rinse Solution: Requires methanol (A-1709, A-1733) and glacial acetic acid (A-1729, A-1730) AQUEOUS Solution: Requires citric acid (A-1704) and distilled water. AQUEOUS RINSE Solution: Requires methanol and glacial acetic acid. * All unused solutions will keep indefinitely. Chemical Shelf Life: 2 years Working Solution Shelf Life: 2 years
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